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US & Canada Car Shipping Services

There are many reasons why car shipping between the USA and Canada can become  necessity. Purchasing vehicles available outside their markets is a very common requirement for Canadian citizens. Because the USA is one of the largest importers in the world, it receives a lot of inventory that Canadian’s are able to access.

Then when spring rolls around, there is a massive exodus of vehicles shipped back from the US to Canada by customers who had temporarily stayed in the USA on vacation or to get away from Canada’s winter. Most of these shippers don’t feel like driving all the way back up to their homes after a long, relaxing vacation. Shipping instead of driving reduces potential problems such as traffic, maintenance, hotels, fuel, food, and the list goes on.

Under most circumstances it’s more cost effective to just ship your vehicle from  the United States to Canada instead of driving.

The same can be said about Americans shipping their cars to Canada. Numerous reasons exist why people transport their vehicles from the US to Canada. These include vacations, temporary work, going to college, and even moving from the US to Canada. There has been a steady increase in the shipping industry as a whole, making it easier for parties to arrange and transport vehicles from the United States into Canada.

US And Canada Map Showing Car Shipping Service Area

Car Shipping Cost Between The US and Canada

There are many factors that affect the cost of shipping your vehicle between the US and Canada. The cost of Fuel, Supply and Demand, Insurance, Filing and Documentation, as well as Seasonality and Vehicle Size will influence your total shipping cost. However, you might be surprised to learn that shipping your car, truck, motorcycle or SUV might actually save you money over driving it across the country.

Your dedicated account manager at Snowbird Car Transports, has streamlined the process of shipping your vehicle between the US and Canada by integrating everything into our all in one service, making your car shipping experience as simple as possible. We can make the import or export of your vehicle as easy, call us today for a shipping quote at (888) 803-4014.


We make shipping your vehicle between the United States and Canada a carefree and effortless experience. 

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How Long Does It Take To Ship My Car Between The US & Canada?

Because we have access to thousands of drivers nationwide, Snowbird Car Transports can provide you with many different service options when you work with us,  In most cases your cars Pick-up is usually arranged in two to seven business days for our standard door-to-door shipping service. A typical car travels anywhere between 300-500 miles per day, depending on the route and the season.

Depending on where we pick up your vehicle, and perhaps where we end up, it might affect how long it takes to reach your destination.  Because of the way car shipping tends to work it will almost always be quicker and more economical to ship your car from one major city to another major city.

Although we are usually able to please our customers even in places that are not as easily accessible as bigger cities, we are still prompt with our arrangements and delivery.

What Is the advantage Of shipping My Car With Snowbird Car Transports?

The difference between Snowbird Car Transports and other vehicle shipping companies is in the details. Our team of shipping experts put their experience to work for you at every turn. With the assistance of our expert transportation coordinators, your car shipment can be planned and executed in just a few days. As our team of transport specialists work with thousands of shippers daily, they can assist with pricing, availability, and setting up your automobile shipping reservation.
Our vehicle shipping support team will provide you with updates and help you with any questions you might have after you place your reservation. You can easily contact our shipment support team by email or (888) 803-4014 phone for immediate assistance.

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