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Car Shipping

Transporting your favorite automobile from city A to B can be tedious and challenging because it requires many steps in order to make sure everything goes as planned. Choosing the wrong Transport Company could be costly, which is why it is always best to find professionals who can complete the job efficiently and safely, without breaking the bank. Naturally, the question comes to mind – How does one find the best Auto Transport Service for their individual needs?

It’s easy to understand why finding a high quality company that can deliver premium service is essential in protecting your precious vehicle, after all, they will be taking care of one of your most valuable assets! In this article, we will share a few key things to keep in mind that can help you find a trustworthy Transport Company and avoid taking risks with less reputable businesses.

Think About What Car Transport Services You Will Need

The first step to take when looking for high quality Auto Transport Companies is to consider the services you will need for your particular situation. For example, you might need an Enclosed Auto Transport instead of an open one for added privacy, door-to-door delivery service, crossing international borders, etc. Every business offers slightly different options for their services, so always compare them with your list of needed services to find the best option.

Local transport companies may be the first thing that comes to mind, however, shopping for Auto Shipping services online makes it easy to find and compare services offered as well as pricing and shipping time estimates. SnowBird Car Transports ( is renowned for its professional, cost-effective, reliable, and efficient car transportation solutions anywhere in the US and Canada.

Learn About Their Past Car Shipping Work Through Customer Reviews

While recommendations of friends and family are always helpful, customer ratings and reviews often give the best idea about the services and products that a company offers, making them extremely helpful in finding reputable businesses to work with. So, before making a decision as important as choosing an Auto Transport provider, always read any customer comments and reviews you can find, especially those posted on neutral 3rd party sites.

Check for a Valid MC Number

In order to meet national safety standards, every Auto Transport business is assigned a Motor Carrier Number, or “MC,” issued by the US Department of Transportation. Legitimate, licensed companies should be able to provide this information upon request. You should always verify that your chosen transportation company is fully licensed, further ensuring safety for your vehicle during shipping.

Know Their Payment Methods Before You Finalize Your Car Transport

Reputable businesses will always be upfront and honest about how their particular payment plans or methods work. Always ask about how payments are made, whether made in one full payment or installments, as well as how scheduling payments works. A reliable and legitimate auto transport firm will often prefer to accept payment through a check or credit card instead of cash, for peace of mind to both you and the business. Don’t get surprised at the last minute by untrustworthy business practices, always know everything about a company’s payment plan before handing over your keys.

Ask About Their Cancellation Policy

Life gets in the way sometimes, forcing you to alter plans. What if it happens at the last moment, as is so often the case? So be sure to ask about the company’s cancellation policy and what charges you might have to pay if any such situation does arise. Trustworthy shipping companies will always tell you about their cancellation policies before you agree to services.

Do They Offer Insurance to Cover Accidents When Shipping Your Car

Not all auto insurance policies cover risks related to auto-shipping and transportation, so you should ask your transporting agency if they offer additional coverage to protect against accidents during shipping. Generally, most transport companies do offer some level of insurance while transporting your automobile, but it is always better to ask about terms & conditions before signing off on anything. Asking for more information about their coverage will also tell you more about how they operate in general as a company.

Find Out About Car Carrier Options

Vehicles can be shipped in different types of carriers depending on specific needs, such as an Open carrier, Multi-carrier, Enclosed carrier, and other options. Open and Multi-carrier options are cheaper than Enclosed ones, but they leave your car open and exposed to weather and prying eyes. So, for Vintage or Exotic Car Shipping, you should always opt for an enclosed carrier when possible. Speaking with the business directly is the best way to find the right option to protect your valuable investment.

Always Get More Than Just One Car Transport Quote!

Finding the best option for your shipping needs can be time-consuming and exhausting, however, going with the first result you find often ends up costing you more in the long run. There is nothing wrong with asking for and analyzing multiple quotes from a range of companies, as it will help you get the greatest possible option for the best price point. However, keep in mind that looking at price alone may not get you the best service to meet your needs. You should always compare and contrast the services you get for a quote, and look at multiple businesses as well to find the best deal.

Some Additional Tips On Car Shipping:

Be sure to remove all items from and secure your vehicle prior to transport, per the carrier’s instructions. Extra items adding unexpected weight could hinder the shipping process, or even cause fines for drivers if they are found to be overloaded. Additionally, items other than the vehicle are typically not covered by insurance during transport. Finally, washing your car before loading onto a carrier, helps to verify that no new scratches or bumps were incurred during shipping.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found these tips for finding a reliable Auto Transporter useful. If taken to heart, these pre-shipping tips can make your automobile shipping experience much easier and hassle-free!

And remember, if you have auto transportation needs, SnowBird Car Transports has you covered, anywhere, anytime, no matter what you’re moving, we can get it where it needs to be safely and securely. Snowbird Car Transports has only one goal in mind: to facilitate fast, cost-effective, and safe auto shipping anywhere in the US and Canada.

With a combined experience in excess of 50 years in nationwide automobile shipping, we are more than capable of providing the best possible car transportation service to every customer in the US and Canada.

To connect with our team of transport professionals, or for a quote, call us at (888) 803-4014. You can also visit our Contact Us page ( to learn more.

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