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Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Auto Transport

When you need to move your car from your old home to your new home or to your vacation city, you’ll have to hire an auto transport company.

You can trust an auto transport company like Snowbird Car Transports to transport your vehicle. It is an important point to remember that these companies do not drive your car to your new house and leave it there. You just have to have your vehicle loaded onto a multi-car transport vehicle and delivered to your new home or to a regional depot operated by the auto transport company.

To ensure that your vehicle arrives in one piece, it’s essential to prepare it for the shipping process. The following eight steps will help you prepare for your car to be picked up by the car shipping company.

Wash Your Car Before Shipping

Dings, scratches, and dents can be easily hidden by dirt and dust. It is recommended that you thoroughly wash your vehicle before allowing an auto transportation company to pick it up.

As long as your car is clean upon arrival at its destination, you will be able to notice any damage caused during the shipping process.

Before Shipping Your Car Clean The Inside

It is possible that your vehicle will be jostled during transport. Clean your car’s interior and remove anything that is not secured so that items won’t be thrown around. Those items include air fresheners and spare cash. Additionally, remove all electronics and cables/chargers.

If you remove any items from the inside of your car, you will not have to worry about anything going missing during transportation.

Disable Your Cars Alarm

It may seem obvious, but be sure you disable your vehicle’s alarm system to avoid making an enemy of the truck driver.

Don't Fill Your Tank Before Shipping

You don’t need to fill up before loading your vehicle, since it is just being transported, not driven. Additionally, if your tank is full of gasoline, your car will weigh more. Adding weight to a shipment can contribute to increased shipping costs and risk. When preparing your vehicle for transport, leave as little fuel in the tank as possible.

Check Your Vehicle For Leaks

You should inspect the undercarriage of your car or truck before loading it onto the trailer. The shipping company may refuse to ship your vehicle if it has an aggressive leak. If you notice a leak, make sure you have it repaired before you ship your car. You wouldn’t want your car to be drenched in oil or transmission fluid from the vehicle above you, would you?

Check Your Cars Tire Pressure Before Shipping

Tires that are under-inflated or over-inflated pose just as much risk in transport as they do on the road. If you don’t inflate your tires properly, you’re increasing the possibility of them being damaged. The most common time for tires to be damaged is during loading and unloading. However, if your tires have been properly inflated, you will not have a problem.

Remove All Custom Accessories From Your Vehicle

Make sure to remove all custom parts and accessories from the vehicle before it is loaded onto the truck so that there is no risk of the spoiler or other extra accessory breaking in transit due to their size.

Lock Your Care When It's On The Car Carrier

It isn’t necessary to open up your vehicle until it is delivered after it has been loaded onto the truck. If you’re transporting anything, make sure it’s locked up to avoid theft.

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