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5 Things To Remove Before Your Vehicle’s Pickup Date

When setting up an appointment with an auto transporter, it can seem like there are a million things to do before the scheduled pickup date. However, making sure personal items are removed from the vehicle before being shipped is important for a number of reasons. Accidental loss, legality issues, loss of personal time, and unplanned expenses are all potential outcomes when certain things are left in a vehicle.

But what items should you double check to make sure they are removed from your vehicle? Here are just a few:

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Personal Identification Information

When prepping your vehicle for its shipping appointment, it is important to make sure any personal identification information is removed before pickup. This can include documents such as;

Driver’s Licenses or State IDs
Social Security Cards or Birth Certificates
Student ID’s
Hunting or Fishing Licenses

During transit, items like these that are left in vehicles pose a security risk. Additionally, they can be hard to replace if lost. By checking to make sure items like these are removed from your vehicle before pickup, you can avoid the risks that come with losing personal identification information.

Valuable or Sentimental Items

No one wants their valuable or sentimental items to be lost or accidentally damaged. Before your vehicle is picked up by your transporter, please make sure to check areas where valuable or sentimental items could be. These items can include pictures, detachable audio equipment, and personalized memorabilia.

Keeping these kinds of items in your vehicle during shipping could result in your valuable or sentimental items being damaged or accidentally lost. This is something that no one wants. However, removing these items before shipping removes the risk and can help give you peace of mind.


Leaving a firearm inside a vehicle that is being shipped can become a legal headache. If you carry a firearm, please make sure it is removed from the vehicle before the designated pickup appointment. Leaving a firearm in a vehicle scheduled to be shipped can lead to accidents that could have legal repercussions. Ensuring your firearm is not in the vehicle before its designated pickup time is crucial.

Loose Items in Vehicle

Before your vehicle is picked up for its shipping appointment, making sure loose items are either secured or removed can help avoid damage to the vehicle. During transport, loose items could cause scratches, dings, dents, and scuffs. It is important to remove loose items to make sure your vehicle arrives at its destination safely inside and out.

Places to check for loose items can include;

Under the seats
Around the mirror and dashboard

Keep Your Money in Your Piggy Bank

We are all guilty of keeping loose change in our vehicles at one point or another, but keeping money in your vehicle is not ideal when it comes to transporting. Before your vehicle is picked up, please make sure all money is removed from your vehicle. Leaving money in your vehicle could result in damage to your vehicle’s interior.

No one wants loose change causing dings and scuffs while in transit. By removing your money from the vehicle before pickup, you remove a risk factor. Additionally, it also means you can make a deposit into your piggy bank.

Transporting a vehicle is never a small thing. At Snowbirds Auto Transport, our goal is to help make sure your vehicle gets to its destination safely and promptly. However, there are things you can do to help make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. By making sure valuable and personal items are removed, you are ensuring that you are one step closer to making your auto transport experience successful.

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