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Because Luxury and Exotic vehicles are more valuable than other cars on the road, there are special considerations you must take in order to protect your investments. Transporting expensive, vintage, and frequently exotic vehicles requires the utmost care and precision.

You can rest assured that your prized possession is safe thanks to our team of Elite Drivers who provide professional Enclosed Auto Transport services with unmatched protection and security. Every driver in our transportation fleet is carefully chosen to exacting standards to ensure safe delivery of your priceless automobiles door to door, wherever and whenever you require.

Throughout the entire process, whether you’re buying a new vehicle, selling to a happy customer, or transporting it for a show or exhibition, you can rely on our network of professional drivers to handle them as if they were favorites from our own collection.

Open Transport Car Shipping

 Let us show you why we’re the best choice for your Exotic Automobile Transport. We understand it can be nerve-wracking to find a reputable shipping company who can keep your cars safe while also delivering on time. With so much to keep in mind, between finding a good price, searching for delivery date openings, and more, it can quickly become overwhelming. So let us ease some of the stress from your search by listing the Top 5 Factors to Keep in Mind while looking for an Exotic Car Transport Service.

  • Insurance Coverage

You wouldn’t drive uninsured yourself, so why ship your car with insufficient coverage? While finding adequate coverage during shipping may seem inconvenient, in reality it provides security and unmatched peace of mind. We make it easy to find the right level of coverage for your individual needs, making the process simple and pleasant.

  • Pick-up & Drop-off Point

Moving somewhere new is difficult enough without having to worry about making sure your cars get there safely. Our wide network of professional drivers make it easy to find the perfect Pick-up and Drop-off points, wherever you need them to be.

  • Safety & Security

Choosing a shipping business who takes special and delicate care of your vehicle during shipment is essential in assuring safe delivery to its destination. For added peace of mind, you can opt for Enclosed Automobile Transport, shielding your vehicle from the elements and prying eyes during transport, ensuring your privacy and safety after delivery.

  • Shipping Timeline

We all know how difficult coordinating schedules is, between work, school, family and everything else, it can be difficult to get everything done, which is why finding a Shipping Service that can meet your scheduling needs is essential. Thanks to our nationwide team of professional drivers, we can meet virtually any shipping need, making transporting your vehicle an effortless and pleasant experience.

  • Customer Reviews

The caliber of a business can often be seen in their client reviews. From company practices to how their drivers interact with customers, online reviews are often the best place to find at a glance whether a company is reputable and worth hiring. Other things to consider when looking for a good Auto Transport Company are:

  • Whether adequate Coverage is offered from the time they take ownership of your vehicle until it is delivered.
  • Choices for All Weather Conditions during shipping times that may affect equipment choices, such as open vs enclosed carriers.

Does the company have Equipment for Specialized Jobs, such as horizontal lift gates for cars that must remain level? Condition of shipping containers and equipment used. Professional and Safe Driving practices, both before and during transport. Professionally Shipping your luxury or exotic car is the safest and fastest way to ensure your precious vehicle gets where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. Using cheaper shipping services may seem like a great way to save, but they can cost you later with heartache over a broken keepsake. When it comes to transporting luxury and exotic cars, better established shipping firms such as ours often have a better degree of knowledge and competence, allowing us to offer a higher level of service.

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